i just want to find someone
who feels as deep of appreciation as i.
i want someone who will sit in a field of daises on a hot summer day and enjoy the nature
i want someone who will walk around a huge, dirty city with me at three a.m on our way home from a party and just enjoy the snow falling softly
and mostly i want someone who’s going to look at me and tell me i have eyes deeper than an ocean and a smile to put kings on their knees
because we all need someone to remind us we are art
even when we are just messy poets who take a lot of pills and drink enough vodka to fill a lake.

i’m gonna find you one of these days. (via andiwentupinflames)
How naive was I, to think that the love could cancel out the sadness somehow? I looked at you one day and instead of feeling sad I felt this kind of bliss in my mind, I felt the blood in my veins start to flow in a different direction. I thought the smile on my face would last forever, I thought the sadness had finally made its way out of me. But the sadness never left, it just waited patiently inside me as the love painted over it. I should have known that love cannot cure sadness. I should have known that a girl with eyes like an eclipse could not take away the continuous aching, but only numb it for a while. I’m sorry for turning you into a remedy. I’m sorry for thinking the words exiting your mouth could do something other than captivate me.
M.O.W, I’m sorry for thinking that love could heal me (via imwritingpoems)